Venting Rant

I am still recovering from suspected Pneumonia and to top it all I have three stressful teenage daughters and an ex husband that has been round the house three times this week and do nothing but MOAN MOAN MOAN. I am super hormonal at the moment and am trying to hold it together. I am only just getting my voice back too. This is my turn to moan, I have heard them go blah blah blah at me all week.

I feel like I could go postal right now. Although according to this quiz I am not, guess they should have asked more questions about hormones.

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Voting help needed please

Could you help with some ties, pretty please, vote for five icons in the first half of the poll and three in the second.

I am feeling a bit crappy health wise at the moment and my sister has taken a turn for the worse and I think my 15 year old is about to go on a path of rebellion, oh well its all fun....

anyway after the quick update, voting link here : Here thanks in advance!

New /Old Community

hero_stills is starting up again soon. I took over modship of it back in August, so it is time I got moving. There is a very nice new layout up as well, and a beautiful header, thanks to kf_creations

This is nothing to do with the show Heroes, btw, lol. It is an icontest for all romantic heroes, both costume and contemporary. Would love to see you there.